What we do

We support students and youth to reach their full potential!

We plan to run Gurukulams (our residential schooling system) in Bharat that will help students and young people get a holistic approach to education, Sanatan Dharm and art of self-defence.

We Find & Fund

We are in search of land opportunities to build our first Gurukulam and impart holistic education and learn self-defence to as many youths as possible. We need your help and support for funds.

We Educate

Today’s youth need a helpful hand and right guidance at every stage. Here’s where we take care of them like our own in our Gurukulam and online teaching system.

We Teach

We will build Gurukulam  for teaching holistic education to students along with teach them self-defence techniques prevalent in Ancient Bharat such as Kalaripayettu etc.  

We Consult

We consult our team of experts and consultants on various topics to set up the best Gurukulam system in Bharat. We value our students and the youth of today and aim to offer then better education and a future.

We Need Gurukul

We aim to run Gurukulams all over Bharat starting from our first Gurukulam in Haryana where we will offer Online/Offline teaching of our vedic subjects such as entire Sanatan History, Philosophy, Geography, Politics, Economics, Theology etc. will be taught.

We Strengthen

We believe that education, and self-defence will give our students and young people the inner strength to lead a better life.

What we care for

New life for students, in a new Bharat

We will build Gurukulams in different regions in Bharat so students can learn about our entire Sanatan History, Philosophy, Geography, Politics, Economics, Theology etc. along with learn the art of self-defence techniques through our unique Online/Offline education.

A new future for our children

Children and youngsters who are unaware of Sanatan dharma and history will now learn about the Sanatan History, its Philosophy, Geography, Politics etc. We aim to teach them about our rich culture and history to give them a better life.

Bringing dreams within reach for our students

The students these days do not have access to rich history of sanatan dharma nor they have resources needed to learn and live a complete Sanatan life. Though our Online/Offline teachings, we will help them with everything they’ll need to live their dreams.